Sunday, May 25, 2008

Stocks Afraid of Obama!

Larry Kudlow surmises: "Stocks don't like Obama."
One of the things we’ve learned during the Democratic primary battle is that Hillary’s victories are bullish for stocks and Obama’s wins are bearish. The clearest example was Hillary’s massive West Virginia victory. Stocks opened strong the following day. But after Obama’s big North Carolina win, a night he nearly carried Indiana, stocks opened way down...

...Since Obama took Oregon convincingly, he really carried last night’s elections and now stands on the verge of gaining the Democratic nomination. Not surprisingly, stocks opened down 80 points this morning

Markets don’t like Obama. If he wins....taxes are going up big time. This is especially true for the capital-gains tax, which is the single most important levy on assets of all kind, including stocks.....
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Also read how a blogger's incisive argument has one real estate agent wondering why she's supporting Obama: My encounter with an Obamaniac

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