Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obama: "It Will Never Happen Again"; Apologies, Sorrow, Regret Ad Nauseam

"It was a mistake. It will never happen again."
Obama on Wednesday apologizing for the recent Air Force One flyover debacle

"Well, you know, I think this was a mistake. I think I screwed up..., and we're going to make sure we fix it so it doesn't happen again."
Obama in an interview with CNN, admitting he had made a mistake in tapping Tom Daschle as Secretary of Health and Human Services - Feb. 3, 2009

In another interview with Fox News Obama says about the Daschle appointment: "I consider this a mistake on my part and one that I intend to fix and correct and make sure that we're not screwing up again."

"In retrospect if you had asked me I think we probably wouldn't have done it then and we probably wouldn't do it again."
Obama expressing remorse for allowing his daughters to be interviewed on "Access Hollywood" - July 9, 2008

"This is obviously an anomaly, but we have apologized and are going to indeed work to ensure that this situation doesn’t happen again"
Obama campaign spokesman, Bill Burton after two Muslim women were prohibited from sitting behind the podium at an Obama campaign rally in Detroit, apparently so their headscarves would not appear in photographs with him.

In April of 2008, while touring a textile factory in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Obama called a female employee "sweetie". About a month after that incident, Obama addressed a female reporter from WXYZ News as "sweetie". He eventually left a voicemail message on her answering machine, apologizing to her and promising to "make up for it". There's no indication that he redressed the first woman's grievance, but after his heartfelt apology to the second woman, I'm sure "it will never happen again". - YouTube recording of voicemail apology

More Apologies:

Obama apologizes to Nancy Reagan for seance quip

Obama Apologizes to Special Olympics for Bowling Joke


It would have been impossible for Obama to apologize to a deceased woman whose life had been cruelly nabbed away from her. He could only express regret - a strange regret, but regret, nevertheless!: "Obama Regrets Intervening to Save Terri Schiavo's Life!"

Schiavo's brother, Bobby Schindler, lambastes Obama for expressing such morbid regret, and says "I wish I could ask Terri about her biggest regret, because as things turned out I’m certain that hers would have been that she was born in an America where life is no longer viewed as precious and worthy of protection." Yep! Were Schiavo still alive today, she probably would have said, "this is the first time in my adult lifetime that I am not proud of my country." Ahem.....

”Obviously, if I worded things in a way that made people offended, I deeply regret that."
No real apology here, only regret. Obama expresses regret for his bitter, gun-clinging remarks

And, last but not least, several doses of sorriness here. Heh!

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