Monday, December 7, 2009

School Children Celebrate Obama's Election: "It's A Brand New Day!"

"Barack Runs, so our children can fly!" - Jan., 22, 2009:

[I couldn't quite make out what the boy - at 2 minutes and 9 seconds into the video - was screaming. Sounds a bit strange.]

In another video - filmed shortly after the President delivered his "Back to School Speech" in September - children from the same elementary school say "thank you" to Obama. The teacher also asks one of the students if the President "is like a hero to" her. At about 1 minute and 59 seconds into the video, the children say "Thank You" to Obama while holding a photo with the words, "Extreme Loyalty...." inscribed on the top. Ahem......

Video: "Thank You President Obama" - 'Extreme Loyalty!':

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