Monday, March 15, 2010

Obama's personal stimulus package fails to keep Florida Deli afloat

From NBC Miami:
Usually, a lunch visit by the President of the United States is enough to send a sandwich shops business through the roof.

But for the Deli Den, the presidential candidate Barack Obama's 2008 lunch was just the final highlight before it closed its doors.

The Hollywood deli and mainstay of the South Florida sandwich scene has served its last bowl of matzah ball soup and shuttered its doors Sunday, said its owner Bernie Emano. The shop has to be out of the store front by Tuesday.

Owners claim Obama's stimulus cash - his $53.77 lunch tab for potato latkes, Nova, cream cheese and bagels, black and white cookies and oatmeal-raisin cookies - wasn't enough to stymie the effects of the bad economy or a hike in rent..

The popular lunch spot's unexpected and sudden closure stunned customers who showed up for a sandwich on Monday. They found a "closed for business" sign.

Looks like Obama, who will be in Miami on April 15, and the rest of South Florida will have to find a new place to answer that lunch time hunger.
Question: Since Obama's political philosophy is: "The more spending, the merrier", why didn't he stop by the Deli for a second round of lunch and provide the business with a second stimulus package? An additional supply of cash from Obama's personal stimulus funds might have saved the day! Clearly, now is not the right time for Obama to be tightening his belt - both fiscally-wise and calorie-wise....


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