Saturday, June 19, 2010

Obama defends GOLF effort?

The mainstream media on Saturday assailed BP CEO Tony Hayward after learning that - despite the ongoing oil spill crisis - he had taken time off over the weekend to attend a yacht race in England. This, in turn, prompted a sense of bewilderment among many in the blogosphere, who wondered why the [mainstream] media was focusing exclusively on Mr. Hayward's leisure time activities, while turning a blind eye to President Obama's multi-hour golf outing on Saturday.

Others have noted that Obama's schedule - since the explosion of the BP oil rig - has included a host of leisure-time activities, including, several golf outings; partying on stage with with former Beatles star, Paul McCartney; hanging out with rock singer, Bono; attending a Major league baseball game [Friday]; a picnic; various fundraisers, and the list goes on... I've also noted previously that the President's visit to the Gulf, several weeks ago, had likely been delayed a few days because he had decided to attend several fundraisers in San Francisco earlier in the week, including one fundraiser at the home of billionaire oil heirs, Ann and Gordon Getty.

Nevertheless, as the oil spill crisis rages on and Obama contines to indulge in a wide array of leisure-time activities - including the game of Golf - you can't help but me amused by the following headline - even if it is a typographical error:

Obama defends GOLF effort in Oval Office address

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