Monday, October 11, 2010

Obama sips; chows down; attends star-studded fundraisers; and still finds time to 'pull the car out of the ditch'

Speaking at a rally in Philadelphia on Sunday, President Obama used his, now-famous, Slurpee analogy to vent frustration at his GOP detractors:
"They drove our economy into a ditch, and we got in there and put on our boots, and we pushed and we shoved, and we were sweating... These guys were standing, watching us, sipping on a Slurpee and they were pointing at us saying 'how come you're not pushing harder? How come you're not pushing faster'?"
And, on Monday, while his detractors in Congress spent their day [presumably] taking in the Sun and shooting the breeze, the President - working, as hard as ever, to save the nation's economy and to keep the proverbial car out of the ditch - traveled to Miami, where he attended a star studded fundraiser and also found some time to partake in a sumptuous meal at the El Mago De Las Fritas restaurant. Reporters, meanwhile, stood around, and watched him sip a soft drink. They did not, however, point at him. Nor did they ask him why he's not 'pushing harder', and 'faster', or how he finds the time to traverse the country; attend star studded fundraisers and partake in delectable, high calorie food binges, and still manages to find the time to pull the proverbial car out of the ditch.

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