Friday, July 1, 2011

Jay Carney & Robert Gibbs: 'Obama walks and chews gum simultaneously!'

Mr. Carney's remarks came in response to a question as to why the President continues to expend valuable time at political fundraisers when his time could be better used meeting with members of congress to discuss both the federal deficit and the debt ceiling. Mr. Carney replied that the President is capable of handling multiple tasks simultaneously.

However, the question arises: During the final weeks and days leading up to the passage of his health care bill, did the President frequent political fundraisers? Or, did he spend his time in the Oval Office, working overtime, until the late hours of the evening, negotiating with lawmakers, and doing his utmost to ensure the passage of his health care bill?

Apparently the President places significantly more value to his own legacy and political aspirations than he does the federal deficit and national debt.