Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Obama: We must 'give our troops the resources they need!' AHEM - Memorial Day speech, Arlington National Cemetery

Speaking at Memorial Day ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery on Monday, President Obama proclaimed: "On this day, we remember our sacred obligation to those who laid down their lives so we could live ours: to finish the job these men and women started by keeping our promise to those who wear America’s uniform, to give our troops the resources they need...."

Beautiful words from the President!

And, no one is more suited than Obama to speak about the sacred obligation of giving "our troops the resources they need".

Whether it was the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan or the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, President Obama always made certain that our troops and diplomats were well-protected; he has consistently refused to put politics before the security and well-being of our soldiers and diplomats!

An incredible, and noble, accomplishment, indeed!

Hail to the chief!