Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Obama falsely maligns George W. Bush in Syria address

During his address to the nation on Tuesday to explain his bumbling and incoherent policy on Syria, President Obama once again chose to engage in his favorite diversion tactic and his preferred pastime: falsely maligning his predecessor.

Mr. Obama suggested that George W. Bush went to war in Afghanistan, and Iraq, without congressional authorization. In truth, unlike Mr. Obama, who circumvented congress when he took military action in Libya, and nearly bypassed congress on Syria - while failing to garner significant global support for his actions - Mr. Bush received overwhelming congressional approval and formed a large international coalition to join the U.S. in its wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But sadly, Obama obsessively spends every waking hour falsely maligning Mr. Bush in the hope that this will distract the American people and divert their attention from the failed Obama Presidency. [Hello Benghazi!]