Saturday, November 2, 2013

Why is there no Health Warning posted on the Obamacare, Healthcare.Gov website?

The US Surgeon General is the nation's leading spokesperson on matters of public health. His primary tasks are to educate the American people about health matters and to issue health warnings, like the warning labels on cigarettes packages, where the Surgeon General cautions the public to be aware of the hazards of cigarette smoking.

Question: Why is there no health warning posted on the Healthcare.Gov website cautioning the American people that the severe anguish and torturous ordeal of logging on to the  website can be extremely hazardous to one's mental health?

The Healthcare.Gov website also has the potential to cause harm to one's physical health, when one loses his old health insurance due to Obamacare stipulations, and he is misled to believe - via the website - that an equally [low] priced health policy, with identical coverage, can be obtained through Obamacare.

It would behoove the Surgeon General to see to it that these health warnings are posted on the Healthcare.Gov website.


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