Monday, October 13, 2008

Hip-Hop Artists Embrace Barack Obama's Message of "Hope"

"During this election, young people from all walks of life have responded to Senator Obama's message of hope and change... with great enthusiasm... and that includes those in the Hip-hop community: individuals who are talented, intelligent... The key with us as we go through the next few months is identifying opportunities where we [the Obama campaign and the Hip-Hop community] can work together to communicate the senator's message."
Corey Ealons, director of African-American media for the Obama Campaign, on the Hip-Hop community and its future role in communicating Barack Obama's message of "Hope"

"If you've never in your life ever seen a nigga-hatin' motherf**ker, a motherf**ker that just hates niggas, look at that f**kin' pink-ass white boy."

Hip-Hop artist and Obama supporter, "Scarface", expressing his disdain for Sen. John McCain and effectively conveying Barack Obama's message of "Hope"....


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