Monday, January 26, 2009

William Kristol Fired From the New York Times - The Era of Bipartisanship Under Obama has Officially Begun

The much heralded era of bipartisanship under Barack Obama has officially commenced, and it's turning out to be just as rosy as many of us had anticipated.

On Monday, the New York Times announced it was terminating its relationship with conservative columnist, William Kristol.
William Kristol, the conservative columnist, and The New York Times have quietly ended their relationship after little more than a year, the newspaper said on Monday....

The editor of The Weekly Standard magazine and a regular contributor to Fox News, Mr. Kristol is known for sharply partisan commentary, and at times he has disparaged The Times. The newspaper’s decision to sign him to a one-year contract as a columnist drew intense criticism, particularly from the left, as did many of the columns he wrote.

In The New Yorker, George Packer wrote that Mr. Kristol “didn’t take his column seriously,” and that he frequently made predictions and statements that were proved wrong.
Now that Barack Obama is president, the era of bipartisanship, censorship and silencing all forms of dissent has officially begun. So far so good. But real bipartisanship can only begin when the "Fairness Doctrine" is reinstated. And I am confident that Barack Obama and the New York Times will do everything in their power to bring it back.

It is truly amazing! The Messiah has only been in office a little over a week, and already the political divide in this country is beginning to heal!

Mr. President, thank you!

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