Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Alveda King or Barack Obama, YOU decide!

Barack Obama and his cronies are of the opinion that it is up to them to decide who is, or who isn't a racist. They believe that the power has been bestowed upon them to choose which words, and whose words, should, or should not be construed as an affront to African Americans. But they are merely political opportunists who are pursuing an extreme left-wing agenda to remake America into a socialist and immoral country - and Harry Reid and his ilk are the pawns they have embraced to further their agenda.

The niece of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, however, released a statement on Tuesday calling Harry Reid's, now infamous, racist comments "sadly outrageous."

"If Michael Steele or any other conservative had said anything like it, the remarks would be labeled racist and plastered over every available news outlet," Alveda King said. "What would my uncle and my father think, to hear such things from one of the most powerful leaders in the country? Their 'beloved community' is sorely threatened when racism rears its ugly head once again."

“This type of thinking by Senator Reid and others," she said, "is sadly outrageous, no matter what the ethnic or political viewpoint happens to be. We are one human race, and polarizing people because of skin color is horrendous."

"As it stands," she continued, "only a few brave souls are publicizing the comments while there is a massive push at damage control from those who wish to bury the elitist pattern that is prevalent in our government today."

"Damage control", indeed!

Barack Obama likes to quote the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, wherever and whenever he can. But is Obama truly worthy of being the torchbearer of Martin Luther King's legacy any more than Alveda King? Should Obama - who attended the sermons of the race-baiting, firebrand preacher - Rev. Jeremiah Wright, be the one to determine what constitutes racism and what doesn't? Should Obama, who himself has uttered ugly, despicable invectives against so-called "greedy White Folks", be the one to decide which pol may or may not be a bigot? Is Obama - the unabashed basher of "White folk" - really deserving of donning Dr. Martin Luther King's mantle and conveying the Reverend's unifying message to the world?

However, it should be noted that Alveda King is a proud Conservative and a pro-life moralist. And thus, in all likelihood, her voice, unfortunately, will never resonate with the Liberal, left-wing masses.

It is a travesty that people like Barack Obama have now become the spokesmen for all race-related matters. The President and his ilk do not deserve this honor, for it is they themselves who are the epitome of bigotry. What's more, as they proceed to trample upon America's moral foundations, they are slowly, but surely dismantling this once-great nation brick by brick, inch by inch...