Saturday, January 16, 2010

News to Peruse

Bloomberg: Obama's bank tax will wreck New York!
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Friday that President Obama's plan to slap a tax on banks is aimed squarely at the city's lifeblood and could turn Manhattan into a crumbling wreck like Detroit. Bloomberg warned that the plan could bring about the collapse of the city's financial sector and starve New York of revenue it needs to provide basic services. "The way we pay our cops, firefighters and everybody else in the city is from tax revenues," Bloomberg said. "And if you want to see what happens to a city when their major industry fails, just take a look at Detroit," which has been reeling from the collapse of the auto industry. - Source - New York Post

FBI admits Spanish politican - Gaspar Llamazares - was the model for the so-called 'high-tech' ["cutting edge"] Osama bin Laden photo-fit; Llamazares says FBI's mistake shows "low level" of US intelligence - Source - Telegraph UK

Llamazares threatens to sue over bin Laden photo - Source - Yahoo News

JFK airport security breach triggers the evacuation of thousands of passengers; Reminiscent of the security meltdown at Newark Airport on Jan. 3. - Source - New York Post

Former CIA officer: Al Qaeda is "hell-bent" on acquiring nuclear weapons in Pakistan - Source - Times Online

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