Thursday, December 9, 2010

The F-bomb: Bush tax cuts vs. Health care reform, which one is a "bigger" deal?

Question: Which issue is more important to Democrats in Congress: Health care reform or a repeal of the Bush-era tax cuts?

Answer: During the signing ceremony of the health care reform bill in March, an elated Vice President, Joe Biden, used the F-bomb to express his exuberance with the passage of the bill. Biden whispered into President Obama's ear, "This is a Big F---ing deal!"

However, during a House Democratic caucus meeting on Thursday, an unidentified lawmaker was overheard muttering to himself, “f--- the president", as he expressed his anger with the President's inability to override Republican opposition to a proposed repeal of the Bush-era tax cuts.

Both issues - health care reform and the Bush tax cuts - appear to be significant enough to have evoked the f-bomb from the Democrats. However, the Vice President's f-bomb in March was preceded by the word 'BIG' - "this is a 'BIG' F---ing deal" - whereas the unidentified lawmaker's f-bomb on Thursday - “f---- the president" - was not preceded by any kind of adjective. Which leads me to believe that health care reform is indeed a "bigger" deal and a more important issue to Democrats than the Bush tax cuts.

Health care reform, for the Democrats, appears to be both the ultimate and the 'biggest' f---ing deal of 'em all!

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