Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Stimulus Project that LITERALLY runs (and runs the economy) into a DITCH!

A sidewalk in Boynton, Oklahoma funded by President Obama's stimulus package

During the midterm election campaign, President Obama repeatedly used his now-infamous “car in the ditch” analogy to falsely illustrate how Republicans had run the US economy into a ditch. At the time, I posted a YouTube video connecting the President's so-called "shovel ready projects" - which Obama recently conceded are non-existent - to the “ditch” analogy. The point, and the analogy, I was trying to make was that the President's astronomically exorbitant stimulus package was funding non-existent projects with non-existent shovels, that were digging, or running, the economy into a ditch.

However, upon reading an article, written in August by Senators John McCain and Tom Coburn, entitled "100 Wasteful Stimulus Projects That Actually Cost America Jobs", I noticed how one particular [stimulus-funded] project literally runs directly into a ditch, no analogy necessary!

People around Boynton, Oklahoma were left scratching their heads after the town was awarded nearly $90,000 [in stimulus funds] to replace a quarter-mile stretch of sidewalk that was replaced only five years ago.

One longtime resident of Boynton, Ray Allen, said the project “had been the talk of the town recently, and none of it positive,” because it is “100 percent a waste of money.”

Another resident, Mike Lance, noted that “the best indication of the absurdity of the project is what the contractor did with a section of sidewalk at the north end of town – one that fronts no homes or businesses, and leads directly into a ditch.”

A sidewalk in Boynton, Oklahoma funded by President Obama's stimulus package, that leads directly into a ditch

That's right, directly into a ditch! No analogy necessary!