Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mitt Romney, Identify yourself, please!

During Monday night's Republican presidential debate, former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney, asserted that it was time to wind down the war in Afghanistan.

Mr. Romey's remarks appeared to both echo and bolster the President's Policy of Surrender and Capitulation.

"It's time for us to bring our troops home as soon as we possibly can - as soon as our generals think it's okay," said Romney. "One lesson we've learned in Afghanistan is that Americans cannot fight another nation's war of independence."

Romney's foreign policy adviser, Mitchell Reese, defended the Presidential hopeful's remarks.

"The hallmark of [a policy's] success is whether it can sustain domestic support and there is a fatigue about this war," Reese told the Politico. "The governor was trying to address some of those concerns - this is not going to be an open ended commitment forever - and yet he does recognize the strategic importance of victory in Afghanistan."

Truth be told, if I did not know that the aforementioned comments were uttered by Mr. Romney and his foreign policy adviser, I would have attributed the remarks to the President. For indeed, it is Obama who typically uses these very same words and identical talking points to articulate his Policy of Surrender.

Danielle Pletka, vice president for foreign and defense policy studies at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, told the Politico that her inbox had been inundated Tuesday morning with emails calling Romney's comments a "disaster".

"I'd thought of Romney as a mainstream Republican - supporting American strength and American leadership, but this doesn't reflect that," she said. "Romney has proven himself a little bit of a weathervane and I guess he senses that positioning himself in this place is good for his campaign - attempting to appease Ron Paul's constituents without actually being Ron Paul."

Mr. Romney's pro-choice position while serving as Massachusetts governor, and the health care reform bill, which he signed during his tenure in office, never seemed to fit in well with his Conservative persona.

His comments about the war in Afghanistan are equally worrisome because they evince the kind of political rhetoric we typically hear from Obama.

True, the former Massachusetts governor is viewed by many as the kind of leader who is capable of turning around an ailing US economy. However, he can not continue to espouse Barack Obama's political views, lest he lose all credibility with Republicans and Independents who cringe over the prospect of an Obama clone ascending to the Oval Office in 2013.

What's more, if given the choice between electing Barack Obama as the next US President, or selecting an Obama clone, why would anyone choose the latter when they can opt to have the real thing?! Four more years of "real change", ahhhh, what can be better than that?!

There is still time, for Mr. Romney, to right the ship; but he must act quickly, before he drifts off completely into Barack Obama's territorial waters and sinks into the depths of oblivion......


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