Friday, June 10, 2011

Palin emails: Guardian UK asks the public to help nail Palin

The Guardian UK, like the New York Times and several other liberal news organizations, is asking the public to peruse the recently released database of Sarah Palin's emails and to relay "interesting material" back to the Guardian - which indeed is Par for the course for the notorious Liberal mouthpiece:
The Sarah Palin emails: page 163

The state of Alaska has released more than 24,000 pages of emails relating to Sarah Palin, in printed form. This is a scan of one page of the release. If it contains interesting material you can tweet it to us @gdnpalin. Include the hashtag #palinemails. Please include this page's url... or email us at Don't forget to include the url.
I don't recall the Guardian, or the Times, or other Liberal news outlets - who were, and still are, completely dedicated to disclosing classified cables from the Wikileaks website that endangers our national security - asking the public to help them garner "interesting material" from the aforementioned website.

Perhaps nailing Sarah Palin is more important to the liberal mainstream media than publishing classified information that ultimately harms US national security. Perhaps destroying Sarah Palin is more important to them than wreaking havoc upon our national security.

Hard to believe, but perhaps it is true....