Monday, September 26, 2011

Doug Edwards donated $9000 to The Committee For Change in 2008; Democratic bigwig invited him to Linkedin townhall

Doug Edwards, the former Google employee who asked President Obama, during a Linekdin town hall meeting Monday, to "please raise my taxes", donated $9,000 to the Committee for Change in September of 2008.

During the 2008 Presidential campaign, Democratic donors - who had already contributed to candidate Obama and the Democratic Party [and other committees like the Obama Victory Fund] the maximum amount allowed - desperately sought additional methods by which they could fill up Obama's campaign coffers. Hence, the Committee for Change was created in July of 2008 to allow those who had already maxed out on their Obama campiagn contributions to dish out additional cash to the Democratic Presidential nominee.

Contrary to popular legend, Obama received most of his campaign cash from affluent donors, like Doug Edwards, and not from those who donated smaller sums of money over the Internet.

Mr. Edwards on Monday told reporters that a friend, with links to the Democratic Party, had invited him to attend the Linekdin town hall event. The aforementioned friend, who apparently is a Democratic bigwig, has yet to be identified. Nevertheless, it seems that Obama's decision to call on Mr. Edwards was nothing more than a pure coincidence - a random turn of events. Wink, wink...

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