Wednesday, January 18, 2012

General Allen, please tell me, 'why?'

From the AFP:
Two attacks just hours apart killed 16 people and wounded more than 20 others on Wednesday in the insurgency-wracked southern Afghan province of Helmand, officials said.

A suicide bomber on a motorcycle killed 10 civilians and two policemen in the first attack at a bazaar...

Two hours later, a local intelligence official, two bodyguards and a civilian were killed... when a remote-controlled mine exploded in Nad Ali district...

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the second attack, while the first also bore the hallmarks of the Islamist movement.

General John Allen, commander of NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), said in a statement that ISAF personnel were among the wounded in what he called a "brutal" suicide attack.

"These attacks against the people of Afghanistan have no effect on the progress we are together making here with our Afghan partners and will only further isolate the Taliban from the process of peace negotiations," he said... [whatever that's supposed to mean...]

"Mullah Omar (Taliban leader) has lost all control over Taliban insurgents, otherwise he would immediately denounce these attacks and order his 'forces' to stop attacking innocent Afghan civilians," Allen said...

"This latest act of violence further confirms that the insurgency has declared outright war on the people of Afghanistan and will stop at nothing to continue to use terrorism and intimidation to advance their own malign and selfish ends."
Pardon me, General Allen, but in your efforts to prop up President Obama, the failed Commander-in-Chief, you're being extremely disingenuous. For surely you are aware that Mullah Omar is not interested in peace. And surely you are cognizant of the fact that while the Obama administration was in the midst of conducting purported peace negotiations with a group of Taliban representatives that included an emissary of Mullah Omar, Mr. Omar was creating "a new alliance to battle US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, and was essentially strengthening his resolve to kill even more U.S. troops.

Hence, the questions arise, General Allen: Why are you feigning ignorance and declaring that Mullah Omar has lost all control over Taliban insurgents, when, in fact, Mr. Omar is colluding with his fellow henchmen in these vicious attacks? Why are you willing to forfeit your integrity, your commitment to the troops and to the American people simply to bolster Barack Obama's failed Presidency?

I'd really like to know: Please tell me, 'why?'

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