Monday, January 2, 2012

Obama reaches out to Mullah Omar, Mullah Omar reaches out for more destruction

The AP reported last week that "U.S. officials from the State Department and White House plan to continue a series of secret meetings with Taliban representatives."

The AP report went on to say that "one member of the Taliban negotiating team has been publicly identified as Tayyab Aga [Agha], an emissary of Pakistan-based Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar."

But sadly, and ironically, while the Obama administration is desperately reaching out to Mullah Omar, Mr. Omar is strengthening his resolve to kill US troops and to wreak havoc upon Afghanistan.

From the Times of India:
Taliban militants in Afghanistan and Pakistan have formed a new grouping which has pledged to stop targeting Pakistani security forces and focus their attention on US-led Nato troops in Afghanistan at the intervention of their elusive supreme commander Mullah Omar.
Likewise, the Long War Journal reported:
One of al Qaeda's top leaders has reached out to the most powerful Taliban commanders along the Afghan-Pakistani border to create a new alliance to battle the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan...

The members of the Shura-e-Murakeba agreed to cease attacks against Pakistani security forces, refocus efforts against the US, and end kidnappings and other criminal activities in the tribal areas.

The deal was brokered by senior al Qaeda leader Abu Yahya al Libi as well as by Sirajuddin Haqqani, the operational leader of the Haqqani Network, and Mullah Mansour, a senior Taliban leader who operates in eastern Afghanistan... Mullah Omar, the overall leader of the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, is said to have dispatched Siraj and Mansour to help negotiate the agreement...
Hence, while the Obama administration is desperately grasping on to straws and reaching out to Mullah Omar, Mr. Omar is creating "a new alliance to battle US and NATO forces in Afghanistan."

Ironic indeed; if it weren't so sad, I would laugh......

Some additional tidbits from the Long War Journal:
The high-level meetings between al Libi and the leaders of the various Taliban factions took place as the US halted all drone strikes in Pakistan after a clash with Pakistani forces. A US intelligence official who tracks the terror groups along the Afghan-Pakistani border told The Long War Journal that the pause in strikes gave the Taliban and al Qaeda the ability to travel and meet without fear of being hit...

This new alliance has emerged while the Pakistani government is negotiating peace agreements with elements of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan.
Apparently, this new agreement was only made possible because the Obama administration halted all drone strikes inside Pakistan.

Good grief.....

The only question that remains: Did the Pakistani government, in its peace agreement with the Taliban, give the the Taliban free reign to attack US forces in Afghanistan?

Good grief.....

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