Monday, March 19, 2012

7 U.S. soldiers killed by Afghan soldiers - No outrage from the White House? Just obfuscations?

The video below is a tribute to seven U.S. soldiers [heros] who were gunned down in recent weeks by a cadre of cold-blooded, ruthless Afghan soldiers. The deceased U.S soldiers are Jordan Bear, Joshua Born, T.J Conrad, Edward Dycus, Payton Jones, John D. Loftis and Robert Marchanti. The video also covers some of the pertinent and eye-opening information discussed below, and offers us a little bit of insight into the politically calculated and apathetic mindset of our current administration.

Six U.S. soldiers were killed [gunned down in cold blood] by Afghan soldiers [and other Afghan officials] in the wake of the accidental burning of Korans that took place [recently]at a U.S. military base in Afghanistan. A seventh U.S. soldier [Edward Dycus] was killed by an Afghan soldier shortly prior to the Koran-burning incident.

And yet, while the investigation into the recent killing of Afghan civilians by a U.S. soldier has been discussed at length by President Obama and his administration - including a discussion by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta about a possible death sentence for the aforementioned U.S. soldier - we've heard very little from this administration about the investigations into the cold-blooded murder of our soldiers by Afghan soldiers; and, no mention of death sentences for the Afghan murderers. Moreover, we've heard a great deal of outrage from Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, about the Afghan casualties, but we haven't heard much outrage from our own administration about the killing of our soldiers. WHY?

The AP only recently learned - upon inquiry from the Pentagon - that Mr. Dycus, the soldier who was killed prior to the Koran-burning incident, was gunned down by our supposed Afghan allies.

The AP noted that "the Pentagon's casualty announcement", on at least 5 of the U.S. soldiers' deaths, including Edward Dycus, did not "mention that the Americans were killed by their supposed Afghan allies", a blatant omission that can only be attributed to political reasons: Obama's [politically riddled] 2014 withdrawal deadline [Exit Strategy] is premised on the notion that the U.S. military can successfully hand over the security and control of Afghanistan to the Afghan forces, many of whom are Taliban sympathizers, who possess utter contempt for the U.S. and the U.S military. [Link - "Taliban see Victory as inevitable, Afghan soldiers hooking up with the Taliban, as Obama facilitates exit strategy ahead of 2012 election"] Hence, Afghan culpability in the killings of U.S. soldiers has been omitted from the Pentagon's casualty announcement", and hence we only recently learned, upon inquiry [from the AP], that Edward Dycus was killed in cold blood by our "trustworthy" Afghan partners; it's simply politics at its worst......

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