Monday, March 5, 2012

Obama Campaign Reportedly Won't Give Campaign Cash to Congressional Democrats

From Fox News:
The Obama campaign apparently doesn't want to provide big campaign cash to aid Democratic lawmakers running for re-election on Capitol Hill, a stark change from previous years...

Majority Leader Harry Reid and have tried to get $30 million from Obama's campaign arm, Obama for America (OFA), and also the Democratic National Committee (DNC), but the Obama team declined the request. [Obama wants the money all for himself.] The news site reports that Campaign Manager Jim Messina and White House Senior Aide David Plouffe met with Reid and Pelosi on Capitol Hill last week.

President Obama's campaign war chest initially was estimated to be in the upwards of $1 billion! While aides have downplayed it would reach that milestone, even if it's tens of millions shy, Obama's still expected to have another record-breaking cycle.

The move is seen as the Obama campaign focusing on its main goal, keeping the president in office for a second term, but also possibly alienating some lawmakers or even jeopardizing his party's ability to gain or retain seats on the Hill.

In a statement to confirmed Fox, Obama's top campaign manager Jim Mesinna said, "Our top priority and focus is to secure the electoral votes necessary to reelect the president."
Obama unwilling to 'spread the wealth around'?!!

According to the aforementioned Fox News report, Mr. Biden is partially correct, for indeed when it comes to the campaign cash, Obama is clearly not spreading the wealth around......

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