Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Obama still refuses to pay city of Springfield for 2008 campaign event, ignores letter

WLS Chicago is reporting that officials in Springfield Illinois are still complaining about an unpaid bill from a 2008 Obama campaign rally.

In February, NBC Chicago reported that the Obama campaign refused to pay the city of Springfield, Illinois $55,000 for the cost of providing police protection during a 2008 campaign event.

City Alderman Frank Edwards said that, “They contacted the DNC. They contacted the Obama campaign," but no one wanted to pay.

To try and cut through the clutter Edwards [wrote a letter to the President and asked him] to intercede. There was no immediate response.

In July, the city of Newport Beach, California also complained about a $35,000 unpaid bill the Obama campaign owes the city for providing police protection during a February, 2012 campaign rally.

City officials noted that Mitt Romney's campaign promptly paid a bill of $10,441 for his June fundraiser.

Indeed, if there is one thing that Romney has made clear during this election cycle it is that the U.S., under Obama, has accrued huge debts, and that American people have been left to pay the bills. Heh....

Nevertheless, WLS Chicago is reporting that Obama is still refusing to pay his $55,000 bill to the city of Springfield.
Springfield Alderman Frank Edwards tells WLS "If you're going to go after your citizens for bills they owe you then everybody's in. And that's just kind of the way I look at it. I think if the Obama campaign owes us money they ought to pay it."

Edwards says the Obama campaign has given him and other Springfield officials the runaround when they have asked to be paid what is owed. He also says with Obama planning to hold his election night rally next month at McCormick Place in Chicago, he would advise Mayor Rahm Emanuel to demand all payments upfront, for any costs Chicago taxpayers might incur:

"That's exactly what I'd do. It would be no different than if you, a private individual, went and had an event somewhere and you didn't pay your bill, you didn't pay your catering bill, you didn't pay the rental hall. Anybody that goes to rent you a facility is going to be a little leery of you because you haven't paid your bill. I'd be especially leery now because if he doesn't win re-election his campaign's gonna have debt. And you're gonna be at the bottom of the pile."
The President has plenty of money at hand to pay up his own personal campaign debts; he should pay his bills. But sadly, the U.S. does not sufficient funds to pay up the huge debt that has been accrued from Obama's government spending sprees.

Obama is a wreckless spender, who refuses to pay his own personal debts, and yet, while he's throwing taxpayer dollars down the incinerator, he tells the American people that they need to stop spending so lavishly. Heh...

Funny, but sad.......