Friday, October 26, 2012

Obama's rush to the exit, improper vetting of Afghan forces, leading to more U.S. casualties, Green-on-Blue attacks

U.S. and NATO officials acknowledged last month that, in the rush to implement the President's politically calculated troop withdrawal from Afghanistan [by the end of 2014] and the transfer of Afghanistan’s security to Afghan forces by the middle of 2013, Afghan troops were not properly vetted, which resulted in the deaths of 45 coalition members [between  January and August of 2012]  - most of them Americans - at the hands of their supposed Afghan allies. Hence, on September 1, 2012, the Obama administration announced the suspension of training for all new Afghan recruits.

However, the suspension was short-lived, for ultimately the President's politically calculated timetable takes precedence over the lives and well-being of our armed forces. Hence, on September 27, the administration announced the resumption of training of Afghan forces. And, a few days later, an Afghan solider turned his gun on two U.S. soldiers. What's more, at least 52 coalition troops have been killed so far this year by Afghan soldiers. And, on Thursday, two U.S. soldiers were killed by a man wearing an Afghan police uniform.

The phony short-lived suspension was just a big joke, a hoax; clearly, Afghan forces are still not being properly vetted.

I noted last month that despite the fact that insider attacks in Afghanistan have increased dramatically under President Obama's watch, he only recently acknowledged the problem after he was confronted on the issue by members of the White House Press pool, who whimsically decided to put aside their liberal bias for a day.

In May of this year, I noted that, contrary to President Obama's assertion that the Taliban's momentum in Afghanistan had been broken as a result of his [failed] policies, both Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Mike Rogers, the leaders of the Senate and House intelligence committees, upon returning from from a fact-finding trip to Afghanistan, asserted that the Taliban has grown stronger over the last three years, and that they are stronger now than they were before Obama announced his 18 month troop surge, while simultaneously announcing - and telegraphing - to the Taliban - his timetable for withdrawal.

The brief suspension of training for Afghan recruits was just another one of Obama's hoaxes; and so was the troop surge in Afghanistan.

Obama's Presidency is one big hoax. But sadly, his ability to pull the wool over the eyes of a large part of the U.S. electorate is neither a hoax, nor a laughing matter, unless you happen to be Obama - or Biden - then it is pretty funny, indeed....