Friday, June 14, 2013

After Clinton critique, Obama finally acknowledges Syria crossed Red Line

Despite the fact that the Syrian regime had crossed President Obama's declared "Red Line" quite some time ago with its use of chemical weapons, Mr. Obama, only yesterday acknowledged this fact, two days after former President Bill Clinton took a swipe at him and criticized him for ignoring the situation in Syria and paying too much attention to opinion polls.

The question of whether President Obama should intervene in the Syrian crisis or not, or whether he should have intervened at an earlier date, before Al Qaeda had significantly infiltrated the rebel ranks, is open for debate. But, nevertheless, it's worthy to note that "Red Lines", Chemical weapons, violence, chaos and terror are of little import to Obama. What matters to the Politician-in-Chief are Bill Clinton's critique and public opinion polls.

Hence, although Syria had already crossed the President's "Red Line" several months ago, it is only now, after Clinton's critique that Obama has decided to acknowledge this fact.

Precisely what course of action Obama plans to take in Syria depends on what the Politician-in-Chief feels is both the "politically correct" course of action for him to take and in his own best interest.

As to why Mr. Clinton suddenly took a swipe at Obama and sharply criticized his handling of the Syrian crisis, I speculated on that in my previous post: Mr. Clinton, perhaps, is trying to pave the way forward for Hillary's 2016 Presidential bid, hence he is trying to absolve her of any responsibility for the way Obama has handled the crisis in Syria.

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