Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Iranian regime targeting internet users ahead of Presidential election, but don't expect any meddling from Obama, heh...

Google revealed on its security blog on Wednesday that it has detected a large-scale phishing campaign targeting and compromising the Google accounts of Iranian users ahead of Iran's June 14 Presidential election. 

"The timing and targeting of the campaigns suggest that the attacks are politically motivated in connection with the Iranian presidential election on Friday," Google noted.

The attacks appear to be the work of the Iranian regime, as Google, in its announcement, noted that it [Google] was seeking to warn "targets of state-sponsored attacks" to take extra steps to protect their accounts.

Incidentally, it should be noted that only candidates who are approved by Iran's Guardian Council can run for the Iranian Presidency. The Guardian Council is essentially controlled by the country's tyrannical Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and his cronies - which means that all of the candidates are, in essence,  proxies of the Supreme Leader. And thus, regardless of who wins the presidential election, the government's policies, and agenda, will likely remain the same.

But, in any case, don't expect President Obama to express any concerns about the the Iranian regime's phishing campaign and its interference in the country's Presidential election.

In 2009, when massive protests broke out in Iran  following the country's rigged presidential election, President Obama refused to criticize the regime and speak out in support of the protesters, because, as he explained at the time, "It is not productive" for the U.S. President to be seen "as meddling in Iranian elections." Hence, while it may be productive for the Iranian regime to meddle in the Iranian people's internet accounts in order to influence the outcome of the upcoming election, it is not productive for the U.S President to criticize the Iranian regime and to meddle in its private affairs - especially when the Obama administration is simultaneously meddling in the phone activity, web activity and internet accounts of Americans nationwide......

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