Thursday, October 24, 2013

Al Qaeda terrorist's involvement in Benghazi attack omitted from State Department report. But why?

Why did a State Department report omit the involvement of an Al Qaeda terrorist in the Benghazi terrorist attacks?

There's no need to answer that question; the answer is obvious to anyone who followed the Obama administration's cover-up scheme in the days, weeks and months after the Benghazi attack.

Nevertheless it's worthwhile to point out the blatant omission.

Thomas Joscelyn of the The Long War Journal reports that the UN, on Oct. 18, added Muhammad Jamal al Kashef - who previously served as a bodyguard to Al Qaeda chief, Ayman al Zawahiri - to its its list of individuals and entities subject to sanctions, including the freezing of assets, travel bans etc.

However, Mr. Joscelyn notes that, although the State Department - like the UN - added al Kashef to its list of designated terrorists, and although the State Department's report on al Kashef contains many of the details mentioned in the UN report, nevertheless two key elements in the UN report, pertaining to al Kashef's terrorist activities, were omitted from the State Department's report.

The UN report notes that al Kashef - who previously served as a bodyguard to Al Qaeda chief Ayman al Zawahiri - and members of al Kashef's terrorist network are "reported to be involved in the attack on the United States Mission in Benghazi, Libya, on 11 Sep. 2012."

But the State Department, in its report, blatantly omitted this fact.

But, as the honorable Hillary Clinton would say: "What difference does it make?" Lol.

Al Kashef's involvement in an Egyptian terrorist cell [Nasr City terrorist cell] was also omitted from the State Department's report.

But why, you ask?

Answer: Mr. Joscelyn notes that al Kashef, who previously served as an Al Qaeda bodyguard, and another leader of the Egyptian Nasr City cell, "had been imprisoned prior to the Egyptian revolution but [were] released in 2011." They were re-arrested in November 2012. And, as Mr. Joscelyn notes in a separate post: "After his release from prison in 2011, Kashef established training camps in Egypt and Libya. Some of Kashef’s trainees took part in the Benghazi attack, according to multiple reports."

That explains why  the involvement of al Kashef - the al Qaeda bodyguard - in the Egyptian terrorist cell was omitted from the State Department report. But "what difference does it make anyway?".............

Related Post, that is unrelated to al Kashef: Key suspects in Benghazi attack Linked to Top al-Qaida Leaders


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