Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Violence in Iraq, Obama's "No residual U.S. force" policy, and Afghanistan

From Fox News:
5,740 Iraqis have been killed so far this year. Almost 1,000 died during the past month... In the last year, Al-Qaeda has resurged in Iraq, carrying out attacks in Baghdad and surrounding provinces...

“This reflects the general deterioration of the security situation in Iraq over the past several years since the Obama Administration pulled American forces out,” said John Bolton, the former United States Ambassador to the UN... "Many people thought they [the Obama administration] could have worked out an agreement with the al-Maliki regime to keep [a residual U.S. force] there, but they didn't want to... So... the country itself is again becoming destabilized. And Al Qaeda has returned despite being defeated in the surge of 2006 and 2007.”
From Polisite:
When the NATO combat mission in Afghanistan concludes at the end of 2014 there is a distinct possibility that the US will have no option for a residual force in the war torn nation. The talks to get a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA)... have reached an impasse... The impasse, after a year of talks, has increased the prospect of what the Americans call the zero option — complete withdrawal — when the NATO combat mission concludes at the end of 2014.

This is... a situation which is similar to the problematic Iraq withdrawal two years ago. The absence of a treaty, and thus a US residual force, has permitted Al Qaeda to infiltrate Iraq, and Iran is currently overflying Iraqi territory to deliver weapons and possibly fighters to Assad’s forces in Syria
Good grief.........

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