Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Obama staffers, Secret Service spending quality Christmas time with Obama, away from their families

A Time magazine article in 2009 noted that, during his Presidency, Ronald Reagan "remained in Washington over Christmas — reportedly so members of the Secret Service could be near their families."

Likewise, the GOP-USA website noted last year: "Although President Reagan could have spent his White House Christmases with family at his beloved ranch in Santa Barbara, Calif., he instead stayed in Washington, D.C. This way, his sacrifice allowed Secret Service agents and other aides to spend Christmas at home with their families. He was a thoughtful person."

The GOP website made no mention of President Obama, and his luxurious holiday getaways, but others have pointed out that - unlike the thoughtful Ronald Reagan - Obama spends his Christmas holidays in Hawaii, far from Washington DC. Consequently, the secret service, and other members of the White House staff, bid farewell to their families and spend the holiday with Mr. Obama, tending to his every need.

And, in the holiday spirit of giving, taxpayers gift Mr. Obama with their hard-earned money to pay for the extra security detail that protects him during his golfing excursions and his basketball, beach and shave ice outings etc. The taxpayers also pay for various other expenditures of Obama's luxurious holiday get-aways.

And although the Secret Service, and the rest of the White House staffers, may not be spending Christmas with their families, they do get to spend quality holiday time with Obama! And that experience, no doubt, far surpasses all other forms of enjoyment, including the most memorable and intimate family get-togethers.

To top it all off, American taxpayers have been given the unique privilege to partake in this incredible and lavish experience, and to share in this most extravagant, enormous and grand expenditure!

It can't possibly get any better than that!


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