Monday, December 9, 2013

Podesta portfolio to include executive actions, Heh

From the Politico:
John Podesta, a Democratic Party heavyweight and former chief of staff in the Clinton White House, has agreed to serve as a counselor to President Barack Obama, according to officials familiar with the move.

Podesta will return to the White House as Obama struggles to regain his credibility after the troubled rollout of The president has already recalled Phil Schiliro, a former legislative affairs director, to serve as the White House’s point person on Obamacare policy...

Podesta's portfolio will include Obamacare and executive actions — a concession that the White House expects Obama's legislative agenda to continue to get nowhere in Congress, according to one source familiar with the plans.

Podesta's office space hasn't yet been assigned, but he will work out of the West Wing, the source said.
With his approval ratings at an all-time low, and his administration awash in a slew of scandals, and his signature health care law beset with all kinds of problems, President Obama is desperately seeking help.

Obama is hoping that John Podesta, the man who helped the Clinton administration extract itself from various quagmires, and scandals - including the Whitewater and Travelgate scandals - can offer him the same kind of assistance.

Politico also noted that "Podesta's portfolio will include Obamacare and executive actions."

'Executive actions' is right up Podesta's alley: While serving as Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff, Podesta advised Bill Clinton to bypass congress through the abusive and inordinate use of executive orders. In 2010, Podesta asserted that Obama should follow Clinton's path and also use his executive powers to circumvent congress. And indeed, President Obama has relied heavily on executive actions to bypass congress and the law.

Obama and Podesta, what a lovely pair!