Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Libya: Obama administration telegraphs terrorists: Don't attack us NOW, marines arriving "in a matter of DAYS!"

Despite the latest security concerns in Libya - due to the recent escalation of violence in the terrorist infested country - and despite the recent decision by several other countries to shut down their embassies there, the Obama administration, thus far, has refrained from taking similar action, presumably because the apparent urgency to close down the embassy would reflect poorly on the administration's failed policies there.

A defense official told CNN early last week that the decision to evacuate the embassy is "minute by minute, hour by hour," which means that the safety and security of US embassy personnel there is subject to the Obama administration's "minute by minute, hour by hour," whims.

CNN also reported at the time: "Four additional U.S. V-22 Osprey aircraft "arrived overnight" at the naval base in Sigonella, Italy, to join four V-22s and 200 Marines that had been moved there last week, a U.S. defense source said."

And, today, the AFP reported:
The United States is deploying an amphibious assault ship with about 1,000 marines off the coast of Libya in case the US embassy must be evacuated, a US defense official said Tuesday.

The USS Bataan was to be in the area "in a matter of days," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.
Question (1): Why did the administration wait till now to deploy the USS Bataan and the 1,000 US marines to the Libyan coast, when security concerns were already heightened there at least several weeks ago?

Answer: Because, as I stated earlier, the need to deploy a thousand marines to Libya reflects poorly on the administration's failed policies there. Hence, the directive to deploy the marines was only given when it was deemed an absolute, 'can't wait any longer' necessity by the Obama administration , and not a minute sooner! As CNN noted early last week: the decision to evacuate the embassy is "minute by minute, hour by hour."

Question (2): Why did the administration, in today's statement to the media, essentially telegraph to the terrorists that it will be "a matter of days", and not sooner, before the USS Bataan reaches the coast of Libya?

Answer: Let's put it this way: If the US embassy in Libya is attacked before the USS Bataan assault ship and the 1,000 marines arrive, the Obama administration has already prepared its main talking point for the media and the American people, namely: "We told you it would take time to deploy the US Bataan and the 1,000 marines to Libya! So don't point fingers at us!"

Meanwhile, the administration has also conveyed the very same message to the terrorists, thereby telegraphing to the terrorists that, if they do decide to attack the US embassy, the best time would be now, or within the next 2 or 3 days.

Nevertheless, at least the administration has the common decency to keep the terrorists up to date on its plans and to ensure that the terrorists are not left in the dark - thereby adhering to the President's 2009 pledge, namely that, "Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of my Presidency."

Transparency, indeed......

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