Thursday, May 22, 2014

Obama feigns outrage over Veterans Affairs [VA], IRS scandals - Press Briefing

In typical fashion, President Obama on Wednesday feigned outrage over recent news media reports that detailed some of the problems and scandals plaguing the Veterans Affairs health care system.

Despite having been informed of the VA problems quite some time ago, the Politician-in-Chief acted as if he was shocked by the news media reports.

Likewise, in May of 2013, the President feigned outrage over revelations that the IRS was targeting Tea Party and Conservative groups.

"It's inexcusable," the President said at the time. "And Americans are right to be angry about it, and I am angry about it. I will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency."

However, by the time 2014 came rolling around, and the IRS scandal had been largely forgotten, Mr. Obama no longer felt the need to admit that Conservatives were being targeted, nor did he feel the need to feign contriteness. In an interview with Fox News host Bill O'Reilly, in February of 2014, Mr. Obama asserted in a scoffing tone - in typical phony fashion - that there wasn't even the slightest bit of corruption on the part of the IRS when it targeted Conservative groups.

Typical, vintage Obama...... See video below: