Monday, December 22, 2008

China Unblocks NY Times Website

I just happened to come across this strange news item in the New York Times:
The Chinese government unblocked the Web site of The New York Times on Monday, allowing users on the mainland to view it. Chinese authorities began blocking it Thursday without explanation. The government usually blocks access to Web sites that it deems challenge the official line. During the Olympic Games in August, the government lifted bans on some sites. It later reimposed the bans, then lifted them again last week. Government employees reached by telephone on Monday said they did not know why The Times’s site had been blocked.
Apparently, the New York Times can't understand why the Chinese government blocked its website. Afterall, Chinese authorities only block access to websites that "challenge their official line", not to 'Autocratic' friendly websites like the New York Times! Ahem.......

And speaking of the Grey Lady, some are predicting that she'll croak in 2009.

I'll miss her dearly.