Thursday, December 4, 2008

Kerry and Rev. Wright, Thrown Under the Obama Bus

Excerpted from the Boston Globe - h/t - The Real Barack Obama:
If you're Sen. John F. Kerry, you've got to be feeling a bit like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright - thrown under the Obama bus, while ex-rivals climb merrily aboard.

The Massachusetts senator helped to launch Obama on the national stage. As his party's presidential nominee, Kerry chose Obama as the keynote speaker for the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Ever since then, Kerry did everything right by Obama.

He walked away from his own presidential dreams and embraced Obama's. He helped with fund-raising... He also delivered a powerful speech when Democrats gathered in Denver to nominate Obama.

Both Kerry and Senator Edward M. Kennedy endorsed the Illinois senator at a critical point in his primary battle. Back in Massachusetts, Kerry took most of the heat for the Obama endorsement. An enraged contingent of Bay State women for Clinton badgered Kerry for his failure to back their candidate...

It was the natural political reaction to the widespread buzz that Kerry expected to be offered "something big" in an Obama administration.

However, soon after Election Day, Kerry went from being an alleged top contender for a Cabinet position to nowhere........
Don Surber comments :
President Obama rewards "John Kerry for his loyal service by… making him the 'Inspector General of the Undercarriage of the Bus'."
What's next? Rev. Wright as 'Spiritual Director of the Undercarriage of the Bus'?