Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jimmy Carter: The Terrorists Don't Want to Meet with Me!

Despite an overwhelming desire on the part of Liberal politicians to meet with some of the world's worst heinous and rogue terrorists, the terrorists have absolutely no desire to meet with them, according to former President, Jimmy Carter.

During a visit to Lebanon that began on Tuesday, the former President requested a meeting with leaders of Hezbollah, but according to Jimmy Carter's spokesman, Rick Jafculca, the terrorists refused to meet with him!

Perhaps, if Mr. Carter would take his cue from Barack Obama and offer to meet the terrorists without preconditions, it would help. Then again, the terrorists aren't exactly pining to meet with Obama either.

You know something, I really feel bad for Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter. It's not their fault they were born so naive. What a pity, I feel so sad for them.


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