Monday, August 3, 2009

An old song for the President?

From ET Online:
Sir Paul McCartney took to a Maryland stage to dedicate the '60s song "Michelle" to President Barack Obama's wife...

McCartney performed in front of 60,000 fans at FedEx Field on Saturday and sang for First Lady Michelle Obama, "I love you, I love you, I love you. That's all I want to say," NBC Washington reports.
In a related development, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner told ABC's George Stephanopoulos on Sunday that he wouldn't rule out raising taxes for the middle class.

From Stephanopoulos' Bottom Line:
To get the economy back on track, will President Barack Obama have to break his pledge not to raise taxes on 95 percent of Americans? In a “This Week” exclusive, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner told me, "We’re going to have to do what’s necessary.”

Geithner was clear that he believes a key component of economic recovery is deficit reduction. When I gave him several opportunities to rule out a middle class tax hike, he wouldn’t do it.

“We have to bring these deficits down very dramatically,” Geithner told me. “And that’s going to require some very hard choices.”
Which begs the question: Will Geithner's remarks spur on Sir Paul to dedicate another one of his popular songs to President Obama?:

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