Friday, July 31, 2009

To Meddle or not to Meddle: That is the question

Responding to reports that US Ambassador to Honduras, Hugo Llorens, met with former Honduran dictator, Manuel Zelaya on Thursday, interim president Roberto Micheletti told a reporter: "If you are sure that has taken place, that the ambassador has met with Zelaya, it is MEDDLING."

"The ambassador is making a serious mistake if he has done that," Micheletti said. "We don't want any country interfering [MEDDLING] in Honduras' affairs."

Meanwhile, CNN is reporting that three American tourists have been detained by Iranian authorities after they strayed across the border from Iraqi Kurdistan.

It is still unclear whether President Obama - who, heretofore, has chosen not to MEDDLE in Iran's internal affairs - will intercede on behalf of the American detainees.

American journalist Roxana Saberi was forced to languish in an Iranian jail cell for several months - as a result of the president's non-meddling policies - before she was finally released.

Of course, the president can still win the detainees' freedom without meddling in Iran's internal affairs if he were to rely on his policy of appeasement and offer the Iranians a few major concessions....

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