Tuesday, July 28, 2009

McCotter: Presidential Encroachment, Coercion of Crowley, worrisome - UPDATED

McCotter also appeared on Alan Colmes radio program. Mr. Colmes asked the congressman why he believes it's a bad idea for officer Crowley to meet with President Obama and Mr. Gates over "a couple of beers".

McCotter replied that, as a former lawyer, the president should understand that "it puts Sergeant Crowley in an untenable position at this point of time until all legal and professional repercussions have been cleared away"...

"This a teachable moment for those who still empathize with the little guy," McCotter said. "You have the president of the United States who's already prejudged your actions twice. It is his friend that has also judged your actions as inappropriate and you're being asked to a private meeting with them. If this were any other situation, if you found yourself, Alan, in this situation, you would be ill advised to go sit down with the two of them at this point in time..."

Some other interesting points were discussed during the interview. Click here to listen to the interview.

McCotter also appeared on NBC's Hardball program. Matthews, in typical fashion, tried to make light of McCotter's resolution, but the congressman did an excellent job fending off Matthew's left-wing criticism.

Kudos, Rep. McCotter! Your arguments are right on the mark! Thanks for sticking up for the Little Guy!

Additional interviews with Rep. Thaddeus McCotter can be heard on the congressman's podcast website:

Click here to hear Rep. McCotter discuss his House resolution with WLS-Chicago's Mancow.

Incidentally, Mancow had some choice words for Obama:

"I talked with a guy earlier today who believes he was fired because of Obama. I mean, this does seem like Caesar Chavez is running America. You know, if Obama doesn't like you..., you could be destroyed by this guy...."
McCotter also chatted with WMUZ's Bob Dutko. Click here to hear the the interview.