Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Nice work with the 'hug-dodge'!"

From Yahoo Buzz:
In a recent BBC interview, U2 frontman, Bono, admitted to dissing President George W. Bush back in 2006 when Dubya tried to give [him] a hug. Bono, eager to avoid the embrace, moved behind a podium. A foiled Mr. Bush had to settle for a handshake.

The moment went unnoticed for years. However, one person at the event did spot the "hug snub." When Bono sat back down, he sat next to then-Senator Obama, who whispered in Bono's ear: "Nice work with the hug dodge." Sheesh, nothing gets by this guy.

During the interview with the BBC, Bono admitted to feeling bad about dissing the leader of the free world. President Bush, Bono argues, did a lot for the people of Africa. Perhaps Bono's admission is his way of publicly making amends for the snub (despite the fact that nobody except Obama even knew about it)...