Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thousands of Hondurans Rally Against Manuel Zelaya

Update from Gateway Pundit: VIDEO PROOF-- US Media Is Propping Up Chavez Lackey Zelaya of Honduras:
The US media reported today on "continuing protests" in support of ousted President Manuel Zelaya in Honduras. FOX News reported:
"Demonstators on the streets of Honduras again today demanding that Manuel Zelaya be reinstated."
Look at the few dozen Marxist supporters who showed up to support Zelaya today:

Now, here's what the American state-run media didn't show you... There was a MASSIVE anti-Zelaya protest today.
Thousands of Hondurans demonstrated in support of President Roberto Micheletti and against Chavez/Obama -lackey, Manuel Zelaya. Photo from El Heraldo via Gateway Pundit.

Shame on you, Fox News!

Also, from Watching America, via Gateway Pundit: China's Huanqiu News confirms: Obama's economic policies are in conformity with the Marxist Doctrine .

[Hugo Chavez: "Come on, Obama, align yourself with us on the way to socialism!]

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