Friday, September 4, 2009

Mr. President, thank you for securing Iraq!

From the Guardian UK:
This week walls were again being erected across [Baghdad] in areas where they had only just been removed. The symbolism was unmistakable: foreboding landmarks of Iraq's descent into chaos were once again necessary...

The government's attempts to win political gains as a result of increased security have been a central theme since 30 June, when US forces largely left the streets of Baghdad to the Iraqi counterparts they had mentored. The devastating blasts of two weeks ago have been a serious setback...

Faruq Omar, a guard from the Sons of Iraq group in Adhamiya, said: ..."The return of the concrete barriers is a nightmare for us. Shops had recently been staying open until 10pm at night, but now they'll have to start closing early again."

Another aggrieved Baghdad resident, artist Samir Saad, said: "The concrete barriers... leave us feeling desperate and sick. They are barriers to our hopes for the future. We had started to breathe freely, but when they started to return it was a shock for us all."...
Mr. President, your politically motivated push for a premature withdrawal from Iraq has clearly clearly payed off.


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