Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mohamed ElBaradei, Iran's Nuclear Weapons Facilitator

IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei on Thursday said United Nations inspectors found “nothing to be worried about” during their inspection of an underground nuclear facility near the Iranian city of Qom:
Mohamed ElBaradei’s assessment, the first word on what was found at the controversial site near Qom, came in the course of an interview with The New York Times...

Mr ElBaradei told the newspaper that his inspectors’ initial findings concurred with Tehran’s insistence that the plant had been built on a heavily fortified military site as a fallback in case its main plant was bombed, rather than to conceal a military use.

“The idea was to use it as a bunker under the mountain to protect things,” Mr ElBaradei said.

“It’s a hole in a mountain.” Mr. ElBaradei’s words will be met with disappointment in Western capitals, long critical of his leadership of the atomic watchdog as too soft on Iran.
Here's the problem with the latest findings:

ElBaradei is a fake phony, fraud, and a patent liar!

From the New York Times:
The UN nuclear watchdog has asked Iran to explain evidence suggesting the Islamic Republic's scientists have experimented with an advanced nuclear warhead design, the Guardian reported in its Friday edition.

The newspaper, citing what it describes as "previously unpublished documentation" from an International Atomic Energy Agency compiled dossier, said Iranian scientists may have tested high-explosive components of a "two-point implosion" device.

The IAEA said in September it has no proof Iran has or once had a covert atomic bomb program.

The Vienna-based IAEA was not immediately available for comment on Thursday.
Iran's Foreign Ministry and the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) were also unavailable for comment when contacted by Reuters.

The IAEA statement in September followed reports from the Associated Press quoting what it called a classified IAEA document saying agency experts agreed Iran now had the means to build atomic bombs and was heading toward developing a missile system able to carry a nuclear warhead...

Extracts of the dossier have been published before, but it was not known the dossier included documentation of such a sophisticated warhead, the newspaper said...
Here's what ElBaradei said in September:
With respect to a recent media report, the IAEA reiterates that it has no concrete proof that there is or has been a nuclear weapon program in Iran.

At the Board of Governors´ meeting on 9 September 2009, Director General Mohamed ElBaradei warned that continuing allegations that the IAEA was withholding information on Iran are politically motivated and totally baseless...
However, as we mentioned before, the Guardian cited "what it describes as 'previously unpublished documentation' from the IAEA saying "Iranian scientists may have tested high-explosive components of a "two-point implosion" device." And, the Associated Press - in September - quoted what it called a classified IAEA document saying agency experts agreed Iran now had the means to build atomic bombs and was heading toward developing a missile system able to carry a nuclear warhead

The question arises, why did ElBaradei try to conceal this information back in September? And, why has he suddenly changed his tune?

Clearly, ElBaradei is a fake and a phony, and his remarks [assurance] on Thursday about Iran's underground nuclear facility have absolutely no validity at all.

Now, as far as ElBaradei changing his tune, there may be something else playing out.

Obama may have put the squeeze on ElBaradei to reveal the goods on Iran's nuclear warhead program, in an effort to extract an agreement from Iran to ship its stockpile of low-enriched uranium abroad for processing.

Of course, as experts have already noted, such a concession would be folly on Obama's part because Iran has the capability to replenish it's uranium stockpile in little over a year's time.

In any case, Obama probably had enough information on Iran's nuclear warhead program to force ElBaradei on the issue. Conversely, he might not have had sufficient information about Iran's underground nuclear facility, and thus ElBaradei felt free to absolve the Iranians on that matter.

Or, perhaps, a more remote possibility: Obama is playing "Good Cop, Bad Cop", letting Ahmadinejad save face on his underground nuclear facility but denying him the opportunity to both develop a nuclear warhead and keep his stockpile of uranium.

I'm just theorizing and laying out all the possibilities. It's merely academic.

One final tidbit:

Obama is purportedly working hand in hand with Russian leaders to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. However, Julian Borger of the Guardian noted the following:
The apparent leap forward in [Iran's nuclear] warhead technology that these [IAEA]documents imply, point towards outside help and it will refocus attention on the issue of "foreign expertise" in weaponization that the agency raised in its reporting... last year.

I am reliably informed that the foreign expert under scrutiny was a Russian weapons specialist, whose presence in the country will raise questions once more of the nature of the relationship between the two countries.
Ah yes, Obama's pals, Comrades Putin, Medvedev and Lavrov.

Isn't it wonderful that we finally have a President who's willing to work with Iran's allies to disarm Iran? HOW SWEET!