Monday, November 30, 2009

Obama's diplomacy with Russia is working like a charm!

On July 7, the Times Online reported that President Obama had offered to scrap plans for a missile defense shield in Eastern Europe if Russia helped to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

On September 17, the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Union's surprise attack on Poland, Obama announced that he was officially scrapping plans to construct a missile defense system in Eastern Europe against Iranian missile attacks.

Indeed, only a consummate diplomat like Obama - well versed in the art of acquiescence and appeasement - is capable of making such a grand concession on the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland.

For indeed, Obama is truly unique among world leaders, in that he possesses a rare and uncanny understanding of the human psyche. Hence, he is aware that if you simply play nice with your adversaries they will invariably respond in kind:

From Reuters:
Russia's energy minister pledged Sunday a quick completion of Iran's first nuclear power station - [the Bushehr nuclear plant].

The comment from Sergei Shmatko came... as Iran's government announced plans to build 10 new uranium enrichment plants, in a major expansion of its disputed nuclear program.

Iran's state broadcaster IRIB quoted Shmatko as saying that Bushehr had become "a symbol of cooperation between Iran and Russia and nobody dares to hurt it."
In a related development, Russia has assured Iran that it will honor a deal to supply the Islamic Republic with advanced S-300 air-defense missiles, Teheran's ambassador to Moscow said Friday.
"We had heard reports that Russia would not deliver these systems to Iran, but we asked the Russian side and they denied it," Seyed Mahmoud Reza Sajadi told reporters in Moscow...

"Neither side plans to go back on this contract.... It is profitable for both sides," he said...

The United States and Israel... fear Iran could use the systems to boost defenses around its nuclear sites.

Iran denies developing atomic weapons and insists that its nuclear energy program is peaceful in nature.
Pray tell, who else other than Obama, is capable of nurturing such peace and good will between former adversaries?

It is truly a miracle!

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