Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Obama administration silencing EPA employees for exposing 'Cap and Trade' sham

The couple issued the following disclaimer on their video:
"We are speaking out as parents, citizens, a married couple and attorneys. Our opinions are based on more than 20 years each working as attorneys at the US Environmental Protection Agency in the San Francisco regional office. However, nothing in this video is intended to represent the views of the EPA or the Obama administration."
Sadly, Obama's penchant for silencing his critics is eerily similar to China's censorship policies, which is the point I was alluding to in my previous post, "Chinese President to Obama: Stop Suppressing Democracy!" The President can not honestly and sincerely criticize Chinese censorship, when he himself is the king of censors - and the greatest silencer of 'em all.

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chillo said...

America needs to wake up and innovate once more like it used to before the corporations outsourced everything to Asia.

Cap and trade doesn't work?

Europe begs to differ!


Thank you for your blog.