Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The I's Have It: Obama Uttered 45 I's in Nashua, N.H.

From Fox News:
Much attention has been given to President Obama's persistent use of "I" when giving speeches to sell his administration's agenda... FoxNews.com is tracking the president's speeches all this month and will report back after each to see whether the "I's" Have It.

Today's Speech: Opening remarks at a town hall-style meeting in Nashua, N.H.

Subject: Jobs and the economy; Speech Length: 2,811 words; Number of "I" References: 45:
Editor's note: This is a short excerpt from Obama's speech. You can read the entire speech, I's and all, at FoxNews.com:
It's great to be back in New Hampshire today. Now, as some of you might remember, I've spent a little time in this state. I've had beers at the Peddler's Daughter here in Nashua and manned the scoop at ice cream socials from to Dover to Hudson. I've walked Main Street in Concord, and visited with folks in all ten counties. I even once flew into the airport in Milan, which has got to be one of the only airports with a functioning wood stove. (Laughter)...

And I just have a lot of good friends here in this State here in this city and here in this high school. I'm just grateful to all of you for taking the time to be here.

So I've had the privilege of getting to know folks here in New Hampshire. I've seen firsthand that spirit of independence and self-reliance. I know how hard you all work...


When I was up here campaigning I didn't run for president to kick these challenges down the road. I didn't run for president to play it safe and keep my poll numbers as high as possible for the next election. I ran to solve problems for the next generation. I ran to get the hard things done. (Applause and Cheers) That's why you elected me. So, I won't rest until businesses are hiring again, and wages are rising again, and the middle class is thriving again, and we've finally got an economy that works for all Americans not just some Americans. I won't rest until we do what we know will secure our continued leadership in the 21st century global economy. I'm not ready to cede the future to China or India or any European countries. I'm not willing to settle for second place... (Applause and Cheers)
Wow! I must admit, I don't think I've ever heard so many I's in a single speech! Then again, I do not have such a good memory, so I could be mistaken. However, if I am indeed mistaken, I would like to offer the President my sincerest apologies, for ultimately, I do not want the President to think I am so full of haughtiness that I believe I must always be correct. For even I, as praiseworthy as I may be, am willing to concede that such a feat would be nary impossible, unless I were the Messiah, and that I can not be, for I am not Obama.

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