Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The States Fight Back: Virginia Rejects Obamacare’s Individual Mandates

From The Foundry:
Yesterday the U.S. Constitution and federalism won a key battle. The Virginia Senate, which has a Democrat Majority, passed a bill prohibiting a requirement for Virginians to purchase health-care insurance. Five Democrats from swing districts joined all of the Senate Republicans in voting in favor of the measure. And with a Republican State House and Governor, this bill is expected to make it into law...
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Related News: A sampling of Canada's Universal Health Care system, from The Foundry:
This past summer the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority considered cutting more than 6,000 surgeries to make up for a $200 million budget shortfall. British Columbia Medical Association president Dr. Brian Brodie called the proposed surgical cuts “a nightmare.” Access problems are not new to Canadian’s single payer system. Since 2003, Timely Medical Alternatives Inc. has helped Canadians “leave the queue” and get timely health care in the United States...
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