Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Obama: Contrary to the claims of some of my CLIENTS, I am not a Socialist!

President Obama launched a vigorous defense of his economic agenda during a speech to business leaders on Wednesday and insisted that he was not a socialist.

However, the President made a Freudian slip while issuing the aforementioned disclaimer:

"Contrary to the claims of some of my CLIENTS - uh - some of my critics...," he asserted, "I am an ardent believer in the free market."

The President started saying the word "CLIENTS" before he caught himself and said the word "CRITICS". [Approximately 4 minutes and 51 seconds in to the speech - Video]

So, who are obama's clients, you ask?

During the Presidential campaign [Nov of 2007], Obama met with ACORN leaders and told them as follows:

"Since I've been in the U.S. Senate, I've been a partner with ACORN... I've been fighting alongside ACORN about issues you care about my entire career."

In a 2001 interview with Chicago Public Radio, Obama criticized the Supreme Court for not venturing "into the issues of redistribution of wealth."

ACORN and the beneficiaries of Obama's wealth redistribution policies are clearly the President's most valued clients.

Were they the "clients" that Obama was referring to on Wednesday when he said that, "contrary to the claims of some of" his "clients", he is not a Socialist, but rather "an ardent believer in the free market"?



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