Sunday, May 30, 2010

Terror link alleged as Saudi millions flow into Afghanistan war zone

From the Times Online:

Millions of dollars of Saudi Arabian money have flowed into Afghanistan over the past four years, the country’s intelligence officials say, with the sponsorship of terrorism its most likely use.

According to members of the Afghan financial intelligence unit, FinTraca, the funds, totalling more than £920 million, enter from Pakistan, where they are converted into rupees or dollars, the favoured currency for terrorist operations...

The revelations illuminate the... the continuing involvement of Saudi donors in sponsoring the insurgency...

The flow of Arab funds to the Taliban poses a strategic obstacle to the counter-insurgency campaign. It also suggests that al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the offshoot, still has a potent and far-reaching financial ability.

A US government report last year said that private Saudi backers were the chief source of finance for the Taliban.

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