Monday, May 31, 2010

Video footage of a passenger on Gaza-bound flotilla stabbing Israeli soldier with a knife

This is the footage that the liberal mainstream media refuses to air. It shows - from up close - passengers on the Gaza-bound flotilla attacking Israeli soldiers with clubs and tossing a firebomb at them. The soldiers - to their own detriment - initially used paintball guns to futily defend themselves from the onslaught. They carried paintball guns with them when they went on board the flotilla. Real guns were only to be used as a last resort.

The video also shows an attacker drawing a knife and stabbing an IDF SEAL, who luckily managed to turn around just in the nick of time, hence the attacker only managed to stab him in the arm. Incredibly, in what was certainly an amazing display of self control, the IDF SEAL did not use a weapon against his attacker after he was stabbed!

But the question arises: Will the UN and Obama condemn these pro-Hamas thugs? I highly doubt it.

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